Luxury Oceanfront Living

Here are the answers to some of your frequently asked questions:

Summer rentals

Weekly or seasonal rentals are not allowed at One Oceanfront. Leasing of individual units are allowed for periods of a minimum of one year.


Condominium fees

One Oceanfront has been designed to offer gracious oceanfront living, with an amenity rich environment.  The community is being built to state of the art construction standards, mindful of its location and the environmental conditions that come with living along the ocean.  Homeowners will enjoy all of the benefits of a coastal community, with added benefit of professional property management.

The condominium fees at One Oceanfront cover the following:

Property and homeowners insurance, flood insurance, maintenance and regular cleaning of all common areas and community amenities, snowplowing and snow removal, trash pickup, recycling pick up, professional management fees, utility expenses for all common areas and long-term capital reserve accounts for future repairs and major equipment replacement.  Essentially, the condominium fees at One Oceanfront include all of the costs associated with common ownership of the entire property. Additional Individual homeowner costs would be minimal and would be for costs within each condominium home such as electricity, gas and water and sewer fees.


One Oceanfront has been designed to be a pet friendly community. Up to two pets are allowed with a weight limit of 50 pounds for each pet. Pets in excess of 50 pounds will be allowed upon the initial purchase of a home at One Oceanfront. Pets acquired post-closing would be required to follow the 50-pound maximum.



Homeowners at One Oceanfront will enjoy a structured two level covered parking garage. Purchasers of two or three-bedroom condominiums will be deeded the rights to two parking spaces. Purchases of one-bedroom units will be deeded the rights to one parking space. There may be opportunities to purchase additional parking spaces and mechanically stacked parking will also be an option.


Commercial and retail development within One Oceanfront.

Approximately 7000 ft.² of newly constructed retail space will be introduced to the Salisbury beachfront with One Oceanfront. This new retail space will be located along the Broadway Mall and at the very northeast corner of the site, at the present location of the upper deck lounge. It is likely that this new retail space will consist of retail shops and / or possibly a new restaurant


What else is happening on Salisbury beach. 

This is a very exciting time in the ongoing renaissance of Salisbury Beach. In addition to One Oceanfront, there are many other improvements being planned in the area immediately adjacent to our community. Such improvements include the following:

  • In 2017 the new boardwalk opened. At nearly 600 feet in length, it offers unparalleled vistas of the Atlantic Ocean, along the entire frontage of One Oceanfront.
  • The entire Broadway Mall area is currently being redesigned and will see a major renovation in 2019.  PPS, A nationally renowned space planning consultant is involved in the redesign.  Once complete, it will introduce a pleasant streetscape and an amenity rich environment immediately adjacent to One Oceanfront.
  •  2019, A new welcome center will be built on the Broadway Mall. The funding for this improvement has already been granted by the state.  Plans are also under way to re-introduce the original Looff Carousel that originally graced Salisbury Beach. A conceptual rendering is shown in the renderings tab.